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NewsUpdated 05/2009
CLIP available! LISTEN to Microsoft XBox Jade Empire mp3 clip.
LISTEN for new Crest commercials to air nationwide on TV and radio!
Subway mp3 clip now available! Heard nationwide.
National Microsoft XBox Jade Empire commercials now on the air!
UPS mp3 clip available!

Halls (Cadbury) cough drop commercials playing nationally.
Jon's Heineken commercials now playing nationally.
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Microsoft XBox Jade Empire (mp3) Play
How to play samples.
UPS (mp3) Play
Subway (mp3) Play
Toyota Play Dairy Queen Play
Febreze Play

HBO Play

Audi Play Halls
Spy Kids/Tony's Play AFLAC Play
Now Available
Jon Lee Demo CD Jon's latest demo is now available on CD! Featuring over 10 minutes of actual voice-overs for nationally famous products and clients such as National Geographic, Delta Airlines, Merrill Lynch, and Pizza Hut just to name a few! The CD contains four separate sections encompassing Jon's incredibly versatile range; including commercials, promos, characters, and narrations. You can hear clips of it in the Demos section. Get the CD by supplying info in the Contact section or call Jon's agent.
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